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Race Day is in a week and other things I’m not ready for…

Race Day is in a week and other things I'm not ready for... ~ A Blue Pearl
Race Day is in a week and other things I’m not ready for…

I’m running my first 5k in a week, the Thunder Dash benefitting public education. Or let’s say I’m mostly running my first 5K. There will be walking. In the end, it’ll probably be faster than the running.

Do I feel confident? Ready to take on the track?

No, no I do not. I’ve been training for a few weeks and though I’ve made some laudable strides (at least for me) I’m nowhere near running three miles. I haven’t even run a mile yet without stopping.

race day inspo
Or, a fifteen minute mile. I hope I at least run a fifteen minute mile.

But first, the strides.

I did run almost two miles the other day, three-quarters of a mile without stopping. And for a total of fifteen minutes with some short breaks. I even ran for five minutes straight. Go me.

Also I’ve only not run one time I said I was going to. I’m an infamous quitter so this is good stuff.

Speaking of quitting, knowing I have to run is helping me not fall off the no-smoking wagon, a bumpy ride I normally jump from with glee.


I was supposed to run another five minutes at the end of that run and I did not. Ran two, walked one, ran one, walked thirty seconds then ran the rest. I shouldn’t be so down about it.

Except Race Day is in a week!!

Lake Hefner
I won’t be running here exactly but I can probably smell the fish where I’ll be.

I’m going to go run that route next week just to get a feel for it. (It’s by a lake so that’ll be pretty.) I need to do this to mitigate the unknowns. I’m a preparer, a list-maker, a ducks-in-a-row kind of person and if the ducks are fuzzy or MIA, I just quit.

And I’m over the quitting thing.

I have, eh, delayed some things that were supposed to be done in tandem with the running. Like yoga. This makes me sad because I love yoga and it’s good for so much. And I need the stretching so my sciatica, plantar fasciitis, et cetera stay in check. I do some minimums, half-ass a Sun Sal or a couple of seated forward bends. Corpse pose is always on the ready. But I haven’t even done chair pose in three weeks. Dancer? Warrior? Triangle?

Forget about it. I’d probably tip over if I tried Half-Moon.

dancer pose
Just don’t fall…

As for those strength exercises I was going to do so my body, mostly knees, wouldn’t break down because of the running? Haven’t happened. Like, not one time. Okay, maybe the first time, but since then…nothing.

I think I took on too much.

But, come to think of it, yoga counts as strength. Half of the standing poses involve some sort of squat or lunge. Marry those together and I’m just running and doing yoga.

This could work.

So I guess this post was mostly for me, to talk myself back into the running thing. Thanks for listening. And I haven’t quit on the running, that’s hella surprising. The trick is to lay in bed talking myself into it while pushing snooze four to six times. Then, grudgingly, pee and tie my shoes. (I sleep in my running clothes. The articles all say to lessen the steps that get you on the pavement and yoga pants are so comfy.)

yoga pants
The clothes are half the fun!

So, yoga then running then yoga then running… And on Saturday she rests. (Except next Saturday, race day.) Yes this could totally work.

Here’s an important fact: I feel great when I’m done. Endorphins are sky high and my mood’s right there with it. And it stays up there for hours. (All day if I don’t have to go to work…) I love having run; I just really hate running.

Another tidbit? I feel like the cool kid when I’m pounding the asphalt. Not so much when I’m on the walking parts of the training program, though I do love those, but when I run past another runner? Yeah, I feel I got this life thing down. It’s not an overall good though, it’s a bit pompous. Like when I quit smoking and I feel like I’m better than smokers. This alternates with extreme jealousy of smokers, by the way, there is no in-between.

I want to be a lazy ass and ultra-conditioned at the same time. I’m human, what can I say.

So if I wanted to stop before I started I’ve slayed this mother right? Right?

What else am I not ready for?

Hiking in Zion. I’m not worried about the Narrows, though I need to get me some hiking boots and a dry bag stat. And a GoPro would be nice. But since I’ve decided to do Angel’s Landing I can’t stop thinking about my knee. This past weekend I went on some easy to moderate hikes and my right knee is smarting. A throbbing grind to sharp pains. Braces help but what if it just gives out at the top? Do I slide back down on my butt?

Guess I get to use my hiking poles after all.

The fit life
When is a crutch not a crutch? When it keeps you alive.

But speaking of Zion…

And to digress from the downers, I’m stoked to say I’m going to be volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society. I’ve loved this place for years, even more when they took in a bunch of the Vick pits. They have No-Kill projects in a few big cities but the main HQ is in Kanab, Utah. I’ll be spending two days there working in three different areas: Piggy Paradise, Dogtown, and the Parrot Garden. So exciting.


That’s my pup, a rescue. Her name is Leeloo. She’s… perfect.

They also have a Horse Sanctuary, Bunny House and Cat World, plus Wild Friends where they rehab non-domestic animals. I love no-kill shelters and Best Friends does things right. They partner with a lot of smaller shelters helping to move animals around or just use their fame to get the word out. I’m sure there are some drawbacks to this kind of sponsorship as putting your name on something comes with consequences and expectations.

But from the outside it all looks purr-fect. And it’s fur a good caws. No more ruff days for these guys.

Ah, puns. I can never resist.

But back to race day…

I’m going to smash it. Then have a mimosa. Actually I’ll have a beer because, yum, but it’ll be something blonde or otherwise summery. Because it’ll be ten o’clock in the morning. Hey, I just gave myself 90 minutes to go three miles.

Now that’s a goal I can meet.

What’s your favorite conditioning exercise? Ever run a 5K? Broke a six-minute mile? Heck, a ten?

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