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I did a 5K!

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I did a 5K! ~ A Blue Pearl
I did a 5K!

Nuance is underrated. For instance if I say I want sprinkles with ice cream, clearly I want a bowl of sprinkles with a dollop of ice cream. Or think of baking. A pinch, a splash, a eighth-teaspoon…these are subtle measurements that could blow up a recipe, perhaps a kitchen. So when I say I did a 5k, I hope you won’t have me clarify.

Like, did I run a 5K? No, no I did not. But I did do one. And I got a finisher medal to prove it.

I did a hard thing!

I signed up for the Thunder Dash almost a month ago when I decided running was an efficient way to get/stay in shape. (Mostly I needed a goal to work toward and a monetary investment to hold me accountable.) Now, I’m not saying I was wrong because A) I probably wasn’t and B) I don’t like to say I’m wrong. But did I learn to love running? Did I get bit by the race bug?

Negative and negative. I won’t be doing another one of these things unless there are mud pits somewhere on the trail. A rope ladder. An insurmountable-without-the-help-of-friends-or-strangers ginormous wall. Maybe big fire pits… (I hear you can skip an obstacle or two on these things.) But I realized I already knew something about myself: I hate running for running’s sake.


Am I glad I did it? Hell yes. Am I proud I trained for a month, got up at six in the morning, and made it to the field? Freaking. Hell. Yes. A part of me didn’t think I would actually go when it came down to it and I did.

Hated every minute of it, but I went!

That’s not completely true, the hatred. There were definitely some pleasant parts. The weather: overcast and cool, about twelve degrees cooler than the same time the previous day. Barely a smidge of humidity, kinda a summer miracle here. The scenery: lovely, trees and lakes and puppies everywhere.

Only 3.1 miles to go…
The view at the end.

Best part: the finish line! I got a medal and not just a participation medal, but a finisher medal. And I ran, not walked, across the darn thing. (Anyone else hear Chariots of Fire playing? Just me then.)

Speaking of running, I only ran about half of it. Ran the first half mile, thought I would die, walked another half (or more…). Then I basically landmarked it from there: get to that tree, walk to that mile marker, run until the biker coming towards me at 3x my speed passes me, that sort of thing.

But again, I finished. Also, I did not come in last. Like sixth to last, but not last.

Other cool things:

I got to be a person wearing one of those number signs. Or bibs, as I think they’re called. Why, though, are they called bibs?

5K swag
Swag is always welcome.

Even though I only ran half of it I get to say I did a 5K. Nuance!

There was a guy there with no legs doing it in a wheelchair. This didn’t exactly give me running motivation but it was inspiring AF.

Did I mention my medal??!!

Things that hurt:

My teeth. Like a lot. I guess I clinch in my discomfort.

Knees. Hips. Feet. LUNGS!

My pride, as I got lapped by not just a couple retirees.

And then later…

I hear there’s a tradition of feasting or other type of party after you accomplish something. I chose a celebratory brunch as my back pat. With a bloody mary and a giant plate of nature’s candy.

5K reward
Drained the cup and licked the plate. No shame.

We (my mom and me) went to Café Do Brasil in midtown OKC. It was delicious and the ambiance was lovely. Sat on the patio, watched the rich people who live in this area walk their dogs and babies, and ate French toast and scrambled eggs. Not going to lie, I would have preferred a beer but there wasn’t a list on the menu so I went with salty goodness. It was quite a nice finisher to the sweet plate they call the Tropical Delight. My mom had the Brasilian Vegetarian, a spread that looked like a classy Denny’s Grand Slam, sans meat. Scrambled eggs tricked out with all the veggies, thick wheat toast and these rosemary and olive oil potato spears that are probably less healthy than they seemed.

That storefront across the street? It’s a late-night cookie delivery service. Fresh cookies at 2 AM. Brilliant.

So I learned a few things today. One, running is not for me though I will keep it up because it is good for the lungs and I need some help there. Two, brunch is a thing because it is delightful. That I will do again. And three, I can keep promises to myself. How about that.

But you know, now that I write this post, I have a yearning to run the whole race. Heaven help me. I guess I got bit by that bug after all. It’s a sickness I tell you. A friggin’ disease.

Who has run a 5K? Something you enjoyed or not so much? Related, where’re the obstacle runs at? Those sound like fun!

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